Compliance and Accreditations

Compliance & Accreditation

  • HACCP (Food Safety) | SQI 5169
    URT is accredited in the transportation of Fresh, Cooled, Chilled and Frozen Produce and General Freight.
  • NHVAS Maintenance Management:
    URT demonstrates the processes and procedures in our rigorous maintenance programs meet the highest standards under NHVAS Maintenance Accreditation.
  • NHVAS Basic Fatigue Management:
    URT is accredited under the Basic Fatigue Management (BFM), this is achieved by ensuring our drivers are trained and monitored to ensure compliance at all times.
  • NHVAS Mass Management:
    URT operates under Concessional Mass Limits (CML), allowing us to operate above the national general limits.
  • Western Australia Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme
    Fatigue Management.
    Maintenance Management.
    Dimensions and Loading Management.
    URT is accredited under the WAHVAS to allow fully compliant trips into Western Australia.